October 28, 2021

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Ohaneze Ndigbo: Prof Osuagwu Declares For Presidency, Promise To Restore Igbo Glory, Seek New Deal, Arrangement For Igbos

The need for the general welfare of the Igbo Nation and restoration of its lost and moribund glory as well as cultural heritage through the Igbo apex socio-cultural Organization, Ohaneze Ndigbo has been emphasized to be the only key to a better Igbo society.

Renowned Professor Chidi Osuagwu made the emphasis in a Press Conference while declaring his interest to contest for the office of President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo on Tuesday, 10th November, 2020 in Owerri, Imo State.

Professor Osuagwu stressed that it is high time Ndigbo are reconnected with re-established trust in leadership as well as having challenges collectively addressed in order to heal, reunite and ensure progress in Igboland.

“After seeking the endorsement of God and consulting with my family, friends and numerous other believers in the cause of Ndigbo, I wish to announce to you today that I will be contesting for the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. This decision is born out of my deep conviction that with a leadership that is imbued with a great measure of integrity, credibility, character, vision and passion, Ndigbo can make the future we seek and unleash the potentials of our people”

Osuagwu who added that the society need be built on knowledge, equality and rule of the people, said the upcoming election of the New President General is arguably one of the most important exercises Ndigbo must engage in the very near future to vote the best candidate and get things right.

“Let’s go back to the Igbo social system and the leadership module of Igbo race to restore the consciousness of the people and deliberately to the ways of our founding fathers”

“I believe I have the capacity to lead Ohaneze Ndigbo for it takes someone that understands the people to successfully lead them and I do believe I have a full understanding of Igbo people as I have been involved in Imo governance”

Speaking on his determination to advance the frontiers of development, peace, security and prosperity of Ndigbo, Professor Osuagwu said he had been called upon by well meaning Igbo people to serve #OhaBuEze hence will not fail in expectations.

“For several months, I have had calls from various groups and well-meaning lgbo patriots, urging me to make myself available for service to our people. l am deeply humbled by their faith in me, and I assure them that every step I take will continue to justify the confidence reposed in me. A greater Igbo Nation Ohanaeze is possible as I declare for the President General”, he assured.

Acknowledging the enormous daunting tasks to birth a new fulfilling Igbo society of justice, equity and fairness so desired by Igbo people, Professor Osuagwu further assured that they shall all be met adding that the long years of injustices against the people in the country, and the litany of deprivations meted out to them, must now give way to a new era.

He said Ndigbo need to be inspired and motivated to do the greatest things again to regain their confidence in whom they are; as People of unparalleled pedigree and rich history as well as the very pioneers and distant first in so many human endeavors as empirical records and history bears.

“Considering the unique and empirical experience of our people in past, the current challenges and the existential threats they are currently facing, there‘s aboslute need for Ndigbo to produce a new dynamic LEADERSHIP with the great antecedents, proven ability, the very deep insight and understanding who we are as a great people, richly endowed and tremendously blessed by the Good God Almighty”

“It is important that we take this exercise seriously as I encourage the “OHA” who are actually the King makers to get involved in choosing that very individual that will lead them in that capacity of President General in this very crucial times”

“This is true because in the words of the former Speaker of the US house of representatives; Late Tip O’Neal; all politics are local. The importance of this upcoming election is further underscored by the growing strategic importance of other socio cultural groups and organizations including even the Agitating groups which many seem to have misunderstood their motive and

the very undercurrents of cumulative injustices that fuel such agitations”

“It will be my primary goal and objectives to seek for ways to unite all in the greater Igbo family. We must seek to understand rather than ostracize the younger generation and better guide them towards their future. Where they seek to draw a narrow circle to keep us apart we shall draw a wider one to keep all in. We are all in this together as peace, freedom, justice and mutual respect are all basic aspirations of all human beings and it is no different with us as a people”

The former Chairman of Ohaneze in Imo while noting that town unions of the past were the engine room that drove the very remarkable achievements of Ndigbo in all areas of human developments so many decades ago said nowadays, the ASSOCIATION OF TOWN UNIONS “ASETU” is seeking to return Ndigbo to that unique lgbo home grown leadership and unique approach to problem solving hence he will work with town unions across Igboland.

“Not only that I share this vision I look forward to working in tandem with them to reaching the grassroots and sewing back the very fabric of the lgbo race all over the world to become stronger and better positioned to play their rightful role as a people.

“Indeed I share the same philosophy that the greatest leaders, according to late President Ronald Reagan, are not just the ones that did the greatest things; No! They are the ones that get the people to do the greatest things. Our people need to be inspired and motivated again to do the greatest things as those before them made such positive impacts with some of the bold initiatives they pursued. Leadership afterall is not a position but action”

He promised to seek for a new deal and arrangement for the Igbos that will ensure the security and progress of the people base on the realities on ground and in the best interest of the people predicated on general consensus while prioritizing the Igbo wishlist.

“So as the new President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, with the very deep recognition and understanding that it is Actually the people that lead “0ha wu Eze” I shall work with every fiber of my being, especially with all the very huge talents we have, without unnecessary preoccupation with the usual political correctness and trepidations of the past to revive our great igbo race everywhere. We shall seek to revive our people politically, culturally, and spiritually while jealously guarding our very rich cultural heritage. We must articulate new and bold ideas as we make a paradigm shift away from some of the old OHANEZE idiosyncrasy and compromise which has greatly constrained us and limit our ability to be both assertive and proactive when the moment and realities demand for such leadership”

“While we seek peace and cordial relationship with all people, We must not continue to thrive on unwarranted appeasement and being apologetic where we ought to be assertive and provide strong leadership. As a people guided by OFO NA OGU, and the very basic and primordial basic life’s Principle of “LIVE AND LET LIVE”, we are far from being aggressors from the historical context and relationship with our neighbors and others. It is still this hand of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect that l’ll pursue if elected because; UDO KA MMA”

“This is 2020 and we must evolve with the time. We must think and act big. We must continue to inspire our people to think pragmatically and work hard with the natural instinct and belief that hardwork, commitment, delayed gratification and sacrifice all do pay off. So, I will implore and encourage our people to proceed to discharge their duties as integral parts of the society without fear or unnecessary trepidations as we seek without apologies for a better deal for our people”

Recall, Professor Chidi Osuagwu has been on ground for years actively involved in Igbo affairs as he was the Chairman of his town union in Obowo from 2002-2006; Chairman of Ohaneze in Imo state from 2007-2009 as well as member of Igbo leaders of law.

Meanwhile, the position of President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo has been zoned to Imo, after Enugu state, where Chief Nnia Nwodo, the current PG hails from.

Source: My News Corner

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