November 29, 2023

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UK centenarians who survived coronavirus

Scientists have said coronavirus affects the elderly population more than any other age group.

But amid the stories of suffering, there have also been rays of hope, as three UK centenarians who have survived the disease can attest.

After surviving Covid-19 in hospital, great-grandmother-of-seven Vera Beeley, 102, had an urgent question: “When are the pubs opening again?”

“Not that she’ll be going,” laughed her grandson Ian Whitehead.

“With her age, [it seemed as if] everything was against her. We thought this was going to get her, but luckily it didn’t.”

Jane Collins, 104, has “survived two world wars, multiple recessions, and is still battling” as she recovers from the virus in her care home, says her great niece, Sarah Balmforth.

She joked the secret to her great aunt’s long-life could be her penchant for the “odd sip of champagne”.

When 105-year-old Pat Aldridge, from Somerset, went into hospital with breathing difficulties, her family feared she may not survive.

But having been discharged from hospital after five days, Ms Aldridge said she felt “not too bad”, adding that considering her age, she was the “lucky one”.

Source: BBC

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